Devoted Citizen Book

Title: 21 Qualities of a Devoted Citizen

Author: Chris Mathebula

Published: June 2020


In an era where the values of patriotism, commitment to flag and country are waning, there is a clarion call for responsible citizenship. It is easy to allow our beautiful nation to spiral into the doldrums of neglect, stagnation, depression, decay and chaos. 


Only a Devoted Citizen can make their country great, simply, one act at a time and one person at a time. For a long time we have looked at our country with dismay and despair, and looked away and hoped that somebody, somewhere, somehow would fix our country. Yet the responsibility to build our nation is a collective endeavour, and a personal choice. We need to rise above our socio-political differences, and understand that South Africa belongs to all who live in it. 


This book addresses the need to unite our rainbow nation, look beyond ourselves and steward the God-given resources in our motherland. It seeks to challenge the young and old, the rich and poor, the native and the foreigner, the decision-maker and the ordinary person on the streets. 


As much as nations fall or rise on leadership, it is also the responsibility of ‘the led’ to play an active role in nation-building. Just as we have ‘China towns’, I strongly believe that in the future we will have ‘South Africa towns’ all over the world as we seek to replicate domestic success abroad. Some are predicting a future full of doom and gloom, but I am convinced that our best days as a nation are still yet ahead. 


As you read this book, may you start to visualize future of endless possibilities premised on the fact that you too have a part to play to carry the hopes and aspirations of a prosperous South Africa.

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