About Us


  • The Movement believes that building a brand and reputation of a country is the responsibility of all its citizens. A country’s brand and its reputation are its wealth.
  • There is the South Africa of tomorrow, one that carries hope, promise and a bright future. However, its prospects are determined by how its citizens navigate the challenges of today’s South Africa whilst resolving the historical injustices of yesteryear.
  • We therefore have a collective responsibility as citizens to ensure we preserve the brand of our country by being good and Devoted Citizens.
  • We must change ourselves as individuals first before we expect to see the change we desire in our homes, in our communities, schools, hospitals, public sector, private sector and the entire country.
  • We believe being a Devoted Citizen is the art of being human and possessing the characteristics of Ubuntu.
  • As Devoted Citizens we need to find workable and reasonable solutions that are a win-win for all South Africans and Africa as a whole.
  • A Devoted Citizen identifies a space even in any challenging situation of their country and looks for roles they can play a part in, thereby changing a negative situation or narrative into a positive one.
  • A Devoted Citizen must understand the times and know what their country ought to do.
  • The combined skills of over 58 million citizens in South Africa, can surely transform the fortunes of our country for the better, if we each identify our purpose and maximise the use of our gifts.
  • If we are not satisfied with the performance of the politicians we voted for, we have the power as Devoted Citizens to vote for better leaders. Voting is active participation in issues of national interest and a very effective way of finding solutions to national problems. It therefore has to be done responsibly by voting credible, honest and devoted individuals into public office. If voting is your responsibility, not voting renders you irresponsible.
  • South Africa is desperately crying out for true leaders with integrity to raise their hands and step up in communities, politics, government, businesses and religious organisations. We believe that from the ashes of despair, a beautiful nation will arise.
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